We did it tough for those who have it tough every day.

From my heart to yours. Let's leave a legacy that outlasts us.


-Francis, onedot3 Founder 

My coach & good friend Kyl Raggio and I lunged 600x across the Sydney Harbour Bridge with 20kg water containers. A typical gym session includes up to 60 reps.  


It was a tough way to give voice to those who have it tough every day. For every single person around the world who don't have access to clean water. All 663 million of them.

Dirty water kills more people than all types of violence, including war. Diarrhoea kills 829,000 people each year, many are under five years old.

Women usually have the sh*tty job of collecting 20 kilos of dirty water. On foot. So they can’t earn money to look after their families. They’re stuck being less than.

It's not fair. That people die from diseases that are preventable. That women and young girls are in a perpetual cycle of being less than. 

We can all bring a lifetime of good to someone in need. On average, as little as $53.40 helps bring clean water to a person for life.

Sure, Kyl and I could have contributed financially ourselves. And help a handful of people. 

But then we thought: 

What if we could get a million people to help? 

If you've been thinking of buying a onedot3 product, DON'T. Use the money to help charity: water bring water to those in need instead.

Let's change the world for good. Are you in?

Culture expects you to follow suit.

But you're called to go the other way.