It’s not just a cause. 

It’s a crisis.

663 million people can’t access clean water. That’s 27x the population of Australia.

Source: 2015 WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme Annual Report

Dirty water kills more people than all types of violence, including war. Diarrhoea kills 829,000 people each year, many are under five years old.

Source: World Health Organisation

Women usually have the sh*tty job of collecting 20 kilos of dirty water. On foot. So they can’t earn money to look after their families. They’re stuck being less than.

…and young girls aren’t exempt. They’re also stuck because can’t attend school.

It's not fair. That thousands die from preventable diseases. That women and young girls are trapped in a perpetual cycle of being less than.

This is why Millions was created. A social enterprise group for purpose, not profit.  

onedot3 is the ethical clothing company in the Millions group.

50% of onedot3's profits helps charity: water bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Funding the purpose. Getting the word out about onedot3 costs money. So the other 50% is invested into doing that.

Where do the dollars go?

Disclosing this info defies the norm in business. But we hold ourselves to a much higher standard of transparency and integrity.

Real impact. Real time. On average, AU$43.40 (US$40) helps charity: water bring clean water to those in need.

This is just the start.

Let's change the world for good. Are you in?

Culture expects you to follow suit. 

But you’re called to go the other way.