Go get it. 

Go be it.

This is a declaration for the Millions.

Our world has become so inward. We've become so obsessed with ourselves. What's in it for me? What am I going to get out of that? We've become so desolate as a society. Depression and anxiety are at an all time high, and we wonder why.

There's a good chance that you've been going around in circles. Day after day, year after year have been more or less the same. And 10 years from now would be more of…today.

If you're 110% happy and content, that's great. Otherwise, read on. There's a better way.

Live for a purpose bigger than yourself.  Whatever this may look like for you. Just do something. Take that first step. Fail and try again. Don’t quit. Ever.

Build others up. Show tons of kindness and make it cool. Love others without ifs. Pour courage into them. Make their victories your own. Be the reason why many people believe in themselves. Be the person others feel better being around.

It starts with person #1: You. 

Fill yourself with love and kindness. Embrace everything about you. Even the not-so-good bits.

In and out. In the same way that your body breathes in and out, you can't just be taking from the world. You’re designed to give back. 

Be an unstoppable force for good. Be on fire to leave this planet better than when you came. To fill others with love and kindness. And craft a world of overflow. 

Make millions of realities better. Starting with the one next to you. 

Let’s change the world for good. Are you in?

Culture expects you to follow suit. 

But you’re called to go the other way.